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  1. VEX IQ - STEMPIA JORDAN 4th Round 12/9/2016

    Date2016.12.10 Bystempia Views741
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  2. VEX IQ - STEMPIA KOBE 4th Round 12/2/2016

    Date2016.12.10 Bystempia Views732
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  3. VEX IQ 2015-2016 Championship Match

    Date2016.09.23 Bystempia Views772
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  4. VEX IQ 2016-2017 1st League 9/23/2016

    Date2016.09.23 Bystempia Views722
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  5. I CAN DO IT

    Date2016.09.07 Bystempia Views701
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  6. ROBOTICS Team

    Date2016.04.21 Bystempia Views714
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  7. Robotics Class 5th grade

    Date2016.01.21 Bytitotit Views779
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  8. One Thing 100% of Politicians Agree On

    Date2016.01.12 Bytitotit Views721
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  9. titotit robotics

    Date2015.10.16 Bytitotit Views683
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  10. 하버드 대학교 No.1 강의 CS50

    Date2015.09.22 Bytitotit Views870
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  11. Code Quest

    Date2015.09.22 Bytitotit Views727
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  12. 코딩, 소프트웨어 시대 - 조용한 혁명

    Date2015.05.28 Bytitotit Views741
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  13. Coding: 그 놀라운 힘

    Date2015.05.28 Bytitotit Views647
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  14. 코딩과 미래

    Date2015.05.28 Bytitotit Views1284
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