VEX IQ 2017 State Championship

by stempia posted May 01, 2017


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VEX IQ 2017 State Championship

Stempia Jordan (Middle school) and Stempia Kobe(Elementary School) have 1st Place.

IMG_6072.JPG KakaoTalk_20170304_151741484.jpg KakaoTalk_20170304_221830796.jpg KakaoTalk_20170304_221921049.jpg KakaoTalk_20170304_224005533.jpg 20170304_144729.jpg 20170304_144944.jpg 20170304_150754.jpg IMG_2677.JPG IMG_2679.JPG IMG_2682.JPG IMG_2688.JPG IMG_2691.JPG IMG_2692.JPG IMG_2695.JPG IMG_2707.JPG IMG_2718.JPG Starwars.jpg